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Over the last few years, I've seen occasional humorous references to "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Secret Decoder Rings."

But I've never seen one for sale.

I decided, one day, that I had to have one, and did a web search, and found zilch.

So I made some myself.

Not being much of a hobbiest, I simply went out and bought a few from a company that sells them as advertising trinkets for their encryption hardware business: cryptobuddy.biz. These are cheap plastic trinkets that came with CryptoBuddy's logo. (See picture at left.)

It may not be clear from the picture, but these are cheap plastic rings with a flat circular disk on the front. Under the disk are two alphabets arranged in concentric circles, in the disk are two small holes that show one letter from each alphabet, which ones depending upon how you've turned it.

Click here for their online order page.

Then it was just a matter peeling off their label and sticking on mine. I worked up a logo, printed a bunch out on a sheet of sticky label material, cut them out, punched holes for the letters with a paper punch, and stuck them on the rings.


You can download a postcript file containing a number of the logos on a single page by clicking here .

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